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 Mixing Box Blowtherm 

box di miscelazione 
The mixing box is a workspace utilized to mix and prepare the paint for the vehicles that have to be painted. It is equipped with lighting, ventilation, one-wing personnel door with window and thrust door handle with exit from the inside to the outside (anti-panic handle)

Components included in the standard version

  • Double skin wall panels made of galvanized Fe/Zn, pre coated steel plate, with inner insulation
  • Roof made of galvanized Fe/Zn, pre coated steel plate
  • Light fixture fitted in the roof, equipped with a safety glass and rephrased neon tubes; IP55 class.
  • Entry door with safety glass and anti-panic handle
  • Ventilation system with exaust and in take fan
  • Interlocked electrical controls for lighting and ventilation
  • Electrical supply: 230/1/50 Hz
  • Light fixture/s switch on retarder


  • Stainless steel bench with air suction

blowtherm box di miscelazioneFor models with different sizes and characteristics (voltage), please put yourself in touch with our offices.

For the paint storage, please conform to the local regulations.


Certified and proven quality

certificates-logosBlowtherm invests resources in the pursuit of total quality using more and more newly developed technologies. Product quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals, and the approvals obtained from relevant authorities are a testament to our success in these fields. As the premium quality spray booth manufacturer, Blowtherm have been awarded Preferred Supplier Status by many prestigious manufacturers.
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