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 Underbody/underwheel Lifts

bs33rv blowtherm

Model BS3.3RV

Blowtherm supplies under the wheel lifts for vehicles up to 3000 kg, with a 1490 mm lifting height above the floor grate level. Embedded in the floor grates, the lift provides an almost flat surface when it is in the down position. Thanks to the lifts low profile configuration, the vehicle can be easily and quickly positioned on the lift without any adjustment; its size is suitable for almost any vehicle available on the market, including SUV's. The lift meets the 94/9/CE (Atex) Directive and it is category 2 classified. For more information check the technical details label.
bs33rv sollevatore

Model BS3.3

 BS 3.3 is a lift with under body lifting system suitable for vehicles weighting max 3500 kg up to 1450 mm height.
The machine has been studied for being installed on the floor or recessed into a pit, so as not to hinder excessively the working area when not in use.
Its configuration as well as the possibility of adjusting the vehicle grip makes it particularly suitable for repairing damaged bodies or for body ordinary service.
It is possible to use the lift inside the painting booths up to 85°C.
The machine has been studied in conformity with the 94/9/CE (Atex) Directive and listed in Class 2 (suitable for area 1 or 21).

 Certified and proven quality


Blowtherm invests resources in the pursuit of absolute quality, using more and more newly developed technologies.
Product quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals, and the approvals obtained from relevant authorities are a testament to our success in these fields.
As the premium quality spray booth manufacturer, Blowtherm have been awarded Preferred Supplier Status by many prestigious car manufacturers.
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