Green Depurating Units

Green Depurating Units

Depuratore Green 
The Green depurating units are usually coupled with:
  • Painting-drying booths
  • Basement with grids for painting works.

The Green depurating units can be used alone to depurate the air containing solvents.
The Green depurating unit is the best instrument to decrease the solvents level and stay within the limits allowed by the existing laws. 

The Green depurating units can be installed: 
- With metal basement 
- On concrete basement 

The fan mouth can be placed at the front or at the side of the unit, or vertical, according to the different installation requests. 


Construction. Prefabricated, batch production, assembly by fitting system and screws. Access to filters through removable doors with handles.
Structure. Galvanized steel plate. 
Prefilter. Paint-stop filter, multilayer. Drawer-pulling access with non-return flaps. 
Absorbing cartridges. Toroidal shape. High content of activated carbon. 
Ventilation unit. High efficiency, big and constant air capacity (fan with backward inclined blades). 


Metal basement. For installation connected with the booth basement. 
Activated carbon. Bigger quantity than the standard one. 


Certified and proven quality