Mixing Box

Mixing Box Blowtherm

mixing box

The mixing box is a workspace utilized to mix and prepare the paint for the vehicles that have to be painted. It is equipped with lighting, ventilation, one-wing personnel door with tempered glass and self-closing door.

Components included in the standard version

  • Double skin wall panels made of galvanized Fe/Zn, precoated steel plate, with inner insulation
  • Roof made of galvanized Fe/Zn, precoated steel plate
  • Light fixture fitted in the roof, equipped with a safety glass and Led tubes
  • Total glass entry door 
  • Ventilation system with exhaust and intake fans 
  • Integrated electrical controls for lighting and ventilation
  • Interior lighting fitted with timer.


  • Stainless steel bench with air suction
  • Heating panel to keep the internal temperature
  • Atex fans

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