Genius prep area

Genius prep area

 Prep Area

More solutions, greater flexibility, more freedom.

Work station can be equipped from a wide range of possible solutions, ranging from the most cost-effective to the most comprehensive. Installations with frontal suction bases in various sizes, with concrete or steel basements total grids or with partial surface. Simple extraction units with wall extraction or extraction through excavation and filtered plenums. The preparation areas can be equipped with air extraction units and  heated  generating group, with conventional or direct fired burner, hot water battery, or electric resistance heater, particularly suitable for smart repairs.

Advantages of Blowtherm Genius prep area :

  • To increase the lighting inside the Prep Area and reduce the energy consumption we install led tubes in our light fixtures.
  • Our light fixtures are tilted to guarantee a better lighting in the direction of the cars 
  • Our ceiling filter with big dimensions  permit to cover all the kind of cars

Complete line of accessories.

The line of integrated accessories is complete, ranging from infrared/UVA lamps, shelves and doors, total glass panels, motorized or manual curtains, pneumatic lifts and multifunction control units. Work is carried out in optimum conditions, leading to highly professional results.


The traditional repair in the body shop has strongly changed during the last years. The straightening repairs are not common nowadays and the spot repair is playing the main role. The preparation stations assumed the major role thanks to their versatility: they can be used, besides the preparation of the cars, for small repairs. That is the logical consequence of the radical transformation of the work organization in the modern body shop. A higher air speed to increase the dust flow is therefore needed. Blowtherm takes great care over the modern technology aimed to save energy, which means lower running costs and highly professional results.

New technological energy

To facilitate the use of the water base products and energy saving, Blowtherm has developed a new system: ULTRA AIR ZONE, which increases the air velocity up to four times when compared with traditional ventilation systems piping the air in 4 different plenum sections.

prep zone

The advantages of the system:

  • Shorter flash-off times between coats
  • Energy saving 
  • Shorter curing time
Frequency drive + PLC control panel
det 01 nuovo plc 
PLC control panel with latest generation of industrial touch screen.

The use of frequency driven motors allows an air volume reduction during all those phases where paintwork quality, curing performance or the operator's safetyare not affected.

Advantages of the system:

  • Energy saving: lower fuel costs and lower electric power costs (up to 50%)
  • Reduced electrical demand peaks 
  • Reduction of the noise level

Certified and proven quality