World Special painting drying booth

The new spray booth World Special for passenger cars, a real classic in Blowtherm production, is reborn with a new external look, and the new technology in operational energy saving, and ecological terms will appeal to even the most attentive spray booth operator.

 World Special, The classic reborn and renewing its performance.    

World special

  • wsWalls panels with glass-wool insulation, joined by H channels
  • wsA side personnel door allow access to the prep station (optional)
  • wsStrong hinges allow the doors to open to the optimum position
  • wsInternal panic bar on the front door and the side personnel door
  • wsHinged light fixtures for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • wsHigh quality illumination provides intense and uniform lighting throughout the cabin with led tubes
  • wsHinged ceiling filter frames for easy filter replacement
  • wsPaint-stop filter trays for air evenness in the booth box
  • wsCorrosion safe heat exchanger supplying 4 flue ways
  • wsElectromechanical control panel Eco type
  • wsDirect drive centrifugal fans
  • wsOil or gas burner
  • wsEnergy saving technology
  • wsStable temperature control
  • wsIncreased productivity

isolamento bruciatore
Insulation and fan

world s inside


Electric resistance heater


Certified and proven quality